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Activities, Events & Opportunities

Information links or downloads are in blue.  For the weekly meetings schedule, click on the "calendar" link above.  The 2020-2021 preliminary schedule is available here.  Please remember it may be revised.  Complete the Consent to Administer Over-the-Counter-Medications form

Camp Sequassen, Boy Scout Summer Camp
July 16-22, 2023 at Camp Sequassen.  Sign ups for camp are still open.  Reduced pricing (Early Bird) was available until Tuesday, March 28th.  Nicole Genna, a troop parent, has volunteered to be the Camp Coordinator, the contact point for all things Camp Sequassen.  She is handling sign-ups, required paperwork, payments, etc.  All the information needed to register for Camp Sequassen 2023 can be found on this link.

Northern Tier: A Scouting High Adventure

Several of your fellow Troop 76 Scouts have already signed up for this BSA high adventure in the summer of 2023.  Join them by
signing up here Northern Tier is one of four BSA High Adventure Programs.
Here's a brief overview.  The troop will fly to Minnesota (Duluth or Minneapolis) and scouts will be organized in Crews of 6 - 8, including adults.Day canoeing trip to the boundary waters of northern Minnesota.  The canoe trips depart from the
BSA camp in Ely, Minnesota.  The troop has applied for a reservation for the first week of August, 2023.

To attend, Scouts must be either 14 years old or 13 years old and have completed 8th grade.  This is a strenuous adventure that will involve several portages where we will carry gear and canoes over land.  We'll require 2-3 adults per crew.  The fees are determined per crew however we're estimating around $1,000 per scout (not including Airfare and other travel costs).

Community Service Projects
Here are the opportunities for scouts to earn community service hours.  These are especially helpful for scouts who need conservation service for rank advancement.  Remember to log your service hours then please to Mr. Tole (gtole@gtole.com) to be recorded into the troop records.  If you have an idea for a service project, please complete this form and send to Mrs. Bagal, Service Coordinator for the Troop.

Woodcock Nature Center - Trail Maintenance
This popular 150 acre nature preserve, that straddles Ridgefield and Wilton, offers four miles of hiking trails which need regular maintenance.   Woodcock has an immediate need to clear vegetation from nature center building to the pond to improve the view.  Please contact Jeanne Young at Woodcock, Jyoung@woodcocknaturecenter.org.
Earn service hours by checking trails, removing overgrowth, fallen trees/limbs and repairing small walking bridges.  As with other troop service projects, please bring a parent/guardian if you wish to take advantage of this service opportunity.  Be sure to bring work gloves, hand clippers and other tools to clear trails.  Take photos of trail work and email the troop's records coordinator, Mr. Gary Tole (gtole@gtole.com) along with the number of hours you worked. 

Scouts Can

This ongoing community service raises money by collecting the returnable cans and bottles from the large bins at the Ridgefield Recycling Center.  To sign up for this activity, please click here.

Presidential Volunteer Service Award
Instructions for submitting hours for the award are posted below.
Our Troop is proud to have been accepted as a Certifying Organization for The President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). Scouts who volunteer enough hours can earn this prestigious award that comes with a special pin, certificate and congratulatory letter from the President. PVSA was started in 2003 by the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by example, inspired others to engage in volunteer service. The goal is to encourage individuals to embrace the spirit of volunteerism that makes this country so great. The Award level is determined by the amount of hours a scout works. Please refer to the below chart.

Hours by Award
Children (5-10 years)        Teens (11-15 years)        Young Adults (16-25)        Adults (26 and older)        Families and Groups*
26 - 49  (Bronze)                50 - 74 (Bronze)              100 - 174 (Bronze)            100 - 249 (Bronze)             200 - 499 (Bronze)
50 - 74  (Silver)                   75 - 99 (Silver)                 175 - 249 (Silver)               250 - 499 (Silver)                500 - 999 (Silver)
75 +  (Gold)                         100+ (Gold)                      250 +  (Gold)                      500+ (Gold)                         1,000+ (Gold)

How to track hours
Service is calculated from June 1st to May 31st. This time period only applies to the PVSA calculations. A scout is required to keep track of all community service hours they perform using an Excel spread sheet.
The data they should collect is written below and should be presented to the Community Service Coordinator in the correct order. Please ensure that the Time in Hours column has a grand total at the bottom.
On June 1, after a year of volunteering it is the scout's responsibility to email The Community Service Coordinator a copy of their Excel sheet. They have till June 11th to send in their information. No sheets will be accepted after this date.

Dates to Remember
May 31: Cut off date for current year's service
June 5th-11th: Send in Excel Sheet to Community Service Coordinator for current year's service
June 1: Start recording on new Excel sheet for following year's award
Example of Excel Spreadsheet:
     Last Name
     First Name
     Date of Service
     Contact Name
     Contact Phone
     Time in Hours
     Description of Volunteer Work:

Please note fund raising of any kind is not considered community service. Volunteering to help a religious organization may be submitted but not if you're teaching or preaching.

Youth Protection Training
We are asking all adults in the troop to complete Youth Protection Training. Follow this link to complete the training: http://www.scouting.org/Training/YouthProtection.aspx

First Aid Training
Firefly Family Yoga is offering American Heart Association CPR Certification Course for anyone needing to be certified or re-certified. The course will be held on Sunday January 28th from 3:30pm-6:00pm and the cost is $45. To learn more information please visit www.fireflyfamilyyoga.com or call 203-431-0140.

Class B Shirts
If you need a Class B shirt please contact Mr. David Luhman, Troop Committee Chair.  The cost of the shirt is $13.

Shop on line and donate to scouting. It's free.
Our regional BSA office, the Connecticut Yankee Council, benefits when you shop at Amazon, eBay, Cabelas, Eastern Mountain Sports, REI, and others. These retailers agreed to split some of their income with Council. It's easy and costs you nothing. Help scouting by starting here then choose your store.  And here's a link on how to use Amazon Smile, the on-line retailer's donation option.

Troop Texting
Stay informed with troop text messages. We encourage scouts, adults and leaders in the troop to sign up for this service.  It's free to sign up, but it does send text messages to your phone.  Please join one of the groups below by sending a text.  It's quick and easy. 

Scouts                                                                              Troop 76 Parents
Enter this number: (203) 403-2120                                Enter this number: (203) 403-2120
Text this message: @t76scouts                                       Text this message: @t76parents

Troop 76 Uniformed Leaders                                         Troop 76 Committee Members
Enter this number: (203) 403-2120                                 Enter this number: (203) 403-2120
Text this message: @t76leaders                                      Text this message: @t76comm

After you send your text message you'll receive a confirmation text that you're signed up.  That's it!